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Our Concept

Finest natural ingredients make all the difference.


Our cakes and pastries are baked with the best quality local free-run farm eggs, carefully selected flour, and dairy products.  We do not use artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.

Cuckoo Cakery believes ingredients make all the difference.  Our recipes are meticulously tested using the finest natural ingredients and proven baking techniques.  This combination reveals the true flavour and beauty of our cakes and pastries.  We do all of our baking in-house.  With a hint of Asian flair, we aim to introduce a variety of cakes and pastries with a distinct texture, flavour, and design. 

   Certain items below are not offered on a regular basis.   

   Please check with our staff for availability.   

Our Products


Additive-Free Chiffon Cakes

8" | Mini

. Miso Butterscotch w/ Toasted Sliced Almonds

. Mango Puree w/ Seasonal Fruits

. Chocolate Drizzle w/ Chocolate Shavings & Hazelnuts

Cuckoo Cakery has spent over 10 years perfecting its own unique chiffon cake recipe.  While other recipes call for leavening agents like baking powder or cream of tartar, or even adding just a drop of lemon juice to stabilize the meringue, our recipe excludes any of these additives.  Yet, we are still able to deliver the utmost moist and fluffy cake.  By using carefully selected premium ingredients, our recipe allows you to taste and experience the true natural sponge cake flavour.

The Caramel Crunch Cake Luxe


The Caramel Crunch Cake Luxe is the premium version of our fluffiest chiffon cake.  This is the first product offered by Cuckoo Cakery over a decade ago and remains to be the most loved item.  This product also signifies Cuckoo Cakery’s obsession with purity and perfection.  As this recipe utilized the legendary Japanese premium cake flour and a combination of two types of local free-run farm eggs to achieve the finest cake crumbs, flavourful taste of eggs, and the vibrant yellow sponge color.  You will be surprised on how the housemade caramel crunch elevates the entire mouthfeel experience.


Basque Burnt Cheesecakes

10” | 7” | 5” | By Slice

. Original w/ Maldon Sea Salt

. Hojicha w/ Black Sesame

. Ruby Chocolate w/ Fresh Raspberry Compote 

This is our no.1 wholesale bestseller.  This cheesecake originates from the Basque country in Spain and has garnered popularity across Europe and Asia.  Numerous so-called “sure-fire” recipes have turned viral around the world on social media.  Despite this, Cuckoo Cakery developed its very own recipe using premium natural ingredients and unique baking techniques, which makes our Basque burnt cheesecake stand out and instantly become our customers’ favorite.  Our Basque burnt cheesecake fans love the rich cheese flavour and the dense yet pillowy soft texture.

Longan Banana Bread


This is a Cuckoo Cakery’s original creation.  Longan, from the same soapberry family as lychee, is one of the kings of fruits in Thailand.  For centuries, longans are being dried and used as Asian food therapy to help reduce insomnia and work fatigue.  Our head pastry chef  understands the dynamic flavour longan offers with the combination of brown sugar and banana, and hence created this wonderful nutritious recipe.


Burnt Butter Madeleine

Mini | Regular | Grand

We brown locally produced 84% butter and add it to our unique Madeleine recipe which produces a moister sponge with a nutty aroma.  We offer three different sizes:


Mini - for nibbling


Regular - for tea or coffee cupping


Grand (with Japanese gold foil flakes) - for wowing and sharing

Seasonal Flavoured Madeleine


. Earl Grey, Calamansi & Mint

. Matcha Mochi

Creme Brulee (Freshly Torched)


Inspired by the recipes of some of the world-renowned pastry chefs, Cuckoo Cakery recreated this classic French dessert using premium local ingredients and a lot (yes, it’s a lot) of Madagascar vanilla beans.  The best part is we serve it on a shallow ramekin and torch it right in front of you so that you can crack the caramelized top layer while it is still warm and enjoy it with the perfect proportion of the creamy custard beneath it.

Creme de Lait de Bufflonne


Created in the 1950s, this custard dessert (“Double-Layered Milk”) is very popular in Hong Kong and Macau. It originated from Guangdong Province in Southern China, and has been classified as one of the intangible cultural heritage of China.  Nowadays, cow milk has been commonly used, in place of buffalo milk in the original recipe which had not been widely available.  Our head pastry chef was thrilled to discover buffalo milk production in Ontario, allowing her to recreate this classic Chinese dessert in its most original form.  Buffalo milk, which has higher fat contents, can produce a velvety smooth texture and for the same reason, Cuckoo Cakery decided to serve it in an enjoyable portion using the shallow French remakin (instead of a deep Chinese rice bowl). 


Coffee & Specialty Drinks

Hot 12oz | Iced 16oz

. Espresso (hot only)

. Americano

. Latte

. Housemade Madagascar Vanilla Latte

. Spanish Latte

. Uji Matcha (Highest Ceremonial Grade) Latte

. Hojicha (Roasted Matcha) Latte

Real Puree Soda

. Mango Puree Soda

. Black Cherry Puree Soda

. Lychee Puree Soda


 Milk Alternative (Oat/Almond) Available

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